The Glass Protege

I've been lucky enough to experience all kinds of queer theatre since moving to Chicago.  After experimenting with drag, I was overjoyed to perform with Hell in a Handbag Productions on their feminist deconstruction and pure camp parody of Alfred Hitchcock's, 'The Birds'. The experience gave me new confidence in the potential, possibilities, and popularity of the kind of queer theatre that I had always dreamed of creating; homage based, campy performances, and a focus on irreverence.  I had the time of my life working with the geniuses at Handbag!  

After 'The Birds' I was cast in, 'The Glass Protege'.   This script was being performed through the joint ventures of Giant Cherry and Glitterati Productions for the the show's US premiere. I had always wanted to be a part of a show involving gay relationships, censorship, and sexuality and I had landed in one that involved all three! I was also quite fortunate to collaborate with many fantastic artists, actors, and writers throughout the creative process. 

'The Glass Protege' is all about the studio system in old Hollywood as well as the confining effect that morals clauses had on actors; particularly those who had alternative sexual preferences (Montgomery Clift, Anthony Perkins, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter). The script, scandalous and intense, reflects the ideological and emotional fatigue of post war American society in the late 1940s. It was a time when the American film industry had the fervent need to assuage audiences from reminders of war and death by replacing morbid thoughts with dazzling imagery, musical spectacles, and romantic comedies. Highlighted in the writing however, is the story of struggle and control placed upon the actors whose job it became to lift up viewers with a sense of cinematic joy despite the inner turmoil those artists were facing as censored illusions.      

The show opens February 26th at Theatre Wit here in Chicago! Ticket information below...Come check it out!

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